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A Huge Playground

The school playground is after the cynosure of the eyes of visitors for its extensive and sprawling nature incorporating playing courts of various kinds it is a hub of sporting activities of all kinds.

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A fully furnished, well-equipped and well-maintained hall enhances the appeal of the teaching-learning process manifold.

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Tata class Edge(Smart Class)

Tata class Edge is an E-learning and school management software system that enables in the improvement of operational efficiency and student interaction. It is an integral part of the educational process in our school.

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A Well equipped computer lab

A technologically updated computer lab with expert teachers contributes immeasurably in providing computer education and making the students tech savvy. This is undoubtadly a key feature of a school's infrastructure.

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Physics Laboratory

A state of the art physics laboratory equipped with modern equipments helps the students to learn the concepts of physics with experiments.

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Chemistry Laboratory

An avant-garde chemistry laboratory provides students with a platform to nurture the budding scientist in them. The laboratory is furnished with the latest top order devices, equipments and chemicals.

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Biology Laboratory

A sophisticated and well-equipped biology laboratory with tradional as well as latest technological devices is an important part of our school. Our biology laboratory is intricately designed and planned to meet the demand of the advancement in science and technology.

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A spacious library

The library is an integral part of the cultural and social life of our school. It is a treasure house of a large collection of books and information on various subjects and it is constantly upgraded.

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Activity Room

This is a colourful and lively room and provides a favourable and conducive atmosphere where students give vent to their best creative minds. An assortment ofo various educational and recreational devices helps students enhance their various skills.