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Our aim is to give the best education with utmost care, understanding and instil into these young minds and ethical values of life, discipline, respect for all religion and devotion. Besides this, helping these young ones to develop a healthier and broader outlook in their life.

Our objectives is to bring about harmonious blend between the traditional and progressive method of education. Our endeavour is to "Prepare human beings who are self dependent, to impart purpose and direction to their lives".

Admissions to the school is open to all candidates irrespective of caste, creed, religion, place of birth or any of them.
Admission is subject to merit and vacancy.
Students are ordinarily admitted only at the beginning of the school year.
For admission - KG - Written & Oral test Std. I & above - in case of vacancy admission will be through written & oral test.
Documents required at the time of admission:
  1. Birth certificate from Jamshedpur Notified Area Committee.
  2. Transfer certificate from the school last attended.
  3. The date of birth and name of the student should be parent or guardian, strictness is observed in the matter of age and no as will be considered for admission unless proper documentary evidence of date is produced along with the admission form.
  4. False declaration about a students age is a disqualification for admission and subsequent discovery by the school authorities of such a false declaration would be enough ground for dismissal of the student.
  5. Decision of the Principal in matters of admissions are final.
At least thirty days notice must be given to the Principal in writing, before a student is withdrawn, failing which, 9 months fees will be required to be paid in lieu thereof. This applies for students leaving at the end of an academic session too. Application for transfer certificate should be applied within one week of leaving school.
A transfer certificate will be issued only when all dues to the school have been paid and the schools library books and property returned.
Any student failing two years in succession in the same class or twice in three consecutive years will be struck off the rolls and the school leaving certificate will be issued on written request.
The Principal reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct is harmful to other students or to the fair name of the school and his/her continued absence is considered detrimental to the interest of the other students.
The school reserves the right to strike off the name of any student from roll for arrears of fees for more than 2 months.
The school reserves the right to dismiss any student who causes damage to school property, or is involved an act of crime or violence inside or outside the school.
In order to maintain high standard or morality and discipline, Parents/Guardian are requested to Co-operate in this with school authorities of the school by insisting on regular attendance, punctuality, sincerity, obedience of their of the progress of their wards. These reports are to signed by the Parent/Guardian and returned on time.
Continuous unjustified absence, irregular attendance, late coming, disobedience, dishonesty, immorality or objectionable behaviour of any kind, disrespect towards the school authorities, wilful damage to school property, etc. constitute enough ground for the authorities to take disciplinary action.
Students are expected to address their teachers and all the members of the staff with due respect and politeness, they are expected to behave in an orderly manner and with due honour to the name of the school, they are also expected to be in proper school inform use correct English speech, healthy habits in work and action.
Corporal punishment is not allowed.
In all disciplinary matters, serious cases will be first referred to the discipline committees for necessary investigation. Decision of the Principal will be final in all disciplinary matters.
Students are not allowed to bring any expensive objective items, mobiles, cameras, etc. to the school.
Private tuition must be discouraged.
Disciplinary Action
Blue Card - Students habitually late or not properly dressed will be put on this card by the house captain. Such students will report to the house captain in the Zero period each day for a week and will not be taken back off the blue card till an improvement is visible. Negative points are given to the house for such students.
Red Card - Careless and untidy work in academics leads to the issuing of the Red Card. Which has to be signed by the subject teacher on each day of the week during which the students is with red card. If the progress during the week is satisfactory, the Red Card will be discontinued.
Yellow Card - Serious offence which reflects adversely on a student's conduct e.g. breaking bounds, disobedience, telling lies indicate the award of a Yellow Card which deprives the offender of availing privileges for a week. A student awarded a Yellow Card has to wear a Yellow shirt (provided by the school) for the whole duration of his / her punishment. He/she is not allowed to attend any programme, outing, buy from the school canteen while on a Yellow Card. The award of three Yellow Cards in an academic year in quick succession may lead to the expulsion of the offender from the school on disciplinary grounds.

They should be healthy, happy & smart.
They should always be friendly with in and out of the school.
They should always avoid vulgarity in talks & in their behaviour.
They should respect their seniors, teachers and all staff members of the school.
They should accept whatever work is assigned to them & they should face difficulties courageously.
They should never cheat or be unfair at play.
They should rise when any teacher or visitor comes to talk to them in the school.
They should never be cruel to anyone.
Students should respect the beauty and presentability of the campus, classroom etc. and should report immediately any damage they may observe.
They should never hesitate to say "NO" when asked or tempted to do a thing which they know to be wrong.
They should try to contribute their share in making this world a better place to live in.
They should not waste their time in gossip.
They should be polite, kind, brave and courageous and should express themselves freely.
They must set their objectives and goals in their life and should be watchful how they are progressing.
Promotion Criteria
Promotions are decided on the basis of performance of the student in all the assessments throughout the year.
Regularity in class work & home work is also taken into consideration while granting promotion.
A student will be eligible for promotion only if he/she secures a minimum of 40% marks in all the subjects.
Arrears of fee or any other dues must be cleared otherwise the student will not be eligible to appear in the final examination & for promotion.
90% attendance is must otherwise the student will not be eligible to appear for the final examination (95% attendance is must for IX & above).
In case of illness a medical certificate along with the application has to be submitted.
A student failing twice in the same class or during his tenure in the school will have to discontinue his/her studies at the school.
Class-wise Student Strength For The Session 2016-2017
S.L. NO: Class/Section Strength
4 KG A 47
5 KG B 46
6 KG C 46
7 I A 47
8 I B 47
9 I C 48
10 II A 47
11 II B 47
12 II C 45
13 III A 54
14 III B 48
15 III C 51
16 IV A 48
17 IV B 50
18 IV C 48
19 V A 50
20 V B 50
21 V C 49
23 VI A 51
24 VI B 51
25 VI C 48
27 VII A 38
28 VII B 38
29 VII C 37
30 VII D 37
31 VIII A 35
32 VIII B 37
33 VIII C 37
33 VIII D 35
34 IX A 43
35 IX B 42
36 IX C 42
33 IX D 41
37 X A 44
38 X B 46
39 X c 46

Name of the bank through which salary is drawing Through single cheque transfer advice
SBI Baridih Branch, Jamshedpur Yes
CBSE Norms
a)The School in India must pay salaries and admissible allowances to the staff not less than the corresponding categories of employees in the State Government Schools or as per scales etc.prescribed by The Government of India.Further,the service conditions as per Rule 10 and Rules 24 to 49 of Affiliation Bye-Laws also be adhered to.
b)Salary should be paid through Electronic Clearing Service(ECS) from the date of first appointment of the teachers on probation.
c)As per Rule 13.3 and 13.3(i),the school shall supply information and returns called for by the Board/Sate/Central Government/Local Authority within the prescribed time given for its furnishing to the authority to the concerned and the school should prepare its annual report containing comprehensive information including name ,postal address and e-mail,telephone numbers,affiliation status,period of affiliation,details of infrastructures,details of Teachers,number of students and status of fulfillment of norms affiliation Bye-Laws and upload the same on the website before 15th September of every year.As per Rule no 8.8(iv & v),every affiliated school to develop their own website containing comprehensive information such as affiliation status,details of infrastructures,details of teachers,number of students,postal adress and e-mail,telephone number etc.
d)Continuous Sponsoring of Students at Board Examination is to be made as per Rule 13.12(iv),Failure to do so will lead to Suo moto withdrawal of the affiliation of the school for the Secondary and Senior Secondary Examination as the case may be..
e)As per rule 13.12(ii), no affiliated school endeavour to present the candidates who are not on its roll nor shall it present the candidates of its unaffiliated Branch/School to any of the Boards's Examinations...

Name of the President: Mrs.Shreemanti Sen
Phone no: 0657-2304598

Name of the Grievance Officer: Ms. Jasbeer Kaur Gill
Phone no: 0657-2213349
Fax no: 0657-2213249

Members of Sexual Harassment Committee:

  • Mrs. Lily Shome
  • Ms. Sunita Singh
  • Ms. Manju Singh
  • Ms. P. Sinha
  • Mr. I. D. Shukla

Complain Handling:

  • Mrs. Ragini Sharma
  • Mrs. Monika Kumari
  • Ms. Manju Kumari
  • Mrs. Poonam Sinha

School Councellors:

  • Mrs. Sarabjeet Kaur
  • Mrs. Tarveen Kaur