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Fitness Week Activities(2020-21)
Day Date Pictures/videos Description
Monday (07.12.2020)
  • Day 1
  • A virtual assembly was held for students in which free hand exercises were demonstrated. The exercises included jogging, fast jogging, full stretching of legs, short jump with stretches, hand stretching, sit-ups etc. The exercises could be easily performed in the house and would be helpful in maintaining one’s health.
    Tuesday (08.12.2020)
  • Day 2
  • A virtual demonstration of Yoga Postures was done. The Yoga postures which were demonstrated were: Akarna, Dhanurasana, Purna Chakrasana, Ushtrasana etc. As Yoga has become very much a widespread and popular means of keeping oneself fit, these yogic demonstrations would certainly benefit the practitioners in the upkeep of physical fitness.
    Wednesday (09.12.2020) A poster making competition was organised for students. The theme of the competition was ‘ Hum Fit To India Fit’. Students participated whole heartedly and there was a vivid display of talent and imagination as a number of posters on the above theme were made by students. The top 3 best entries were selected to be awarded.
    Thursday (10.12.2020) Saw the organising of an essay competition on the theme ‘Fitness Beats Pandemic’. This competition was meant for senior section students. Students expressed their views on the various ways in which physical fitness could be a major contributing factor in the prevention of COVID-19 infection. The best three entries were selected to be awarded.
    Friday(11.12.2020) An online quiz related to Fitness/Sports was organised. Students of the middle and senior section participated in this quiz contest. The quiz raised awareness of the students in the fields of fitness/sports and would certainly inculcate an interest among students towards these fields. Students gave enthusiastic responses to the questions posed and the quiz was a great success.
  • Day 6
  • An activity for fitness session at home involving students and parents was virtually demonstrated. This activity incorporated simple exercises which would be beneficial for developing and maintaining physical fitness while being involved in the daily chores of life.
    Fitness Week Activities(2019-20)
    Day Date Pictures Description
    Monday 18.11.19 Students of Junior and Senior sections participated in yoga session after the morning assembly under the supervision of the yoga teachers. The session was for roughly 45 minutes duration. Students perform various yogic postures and exercises for physical and mental benefits.
    Tuesday 19.11.19 Students of primary, junior and senior sections performed a number of free hand exercises under the guidance and supervision of their PT teachers. The exercises included stretching, bending and other movements of the motor organs for physical flexibility and mental agility.
    Wednesday 20.11.19 A poster making competition for students was organised to highlight the message of all round fitness. The children expressed their views regarding physical fitness through their creativity. The Best posters were then displayed for view in the school hall. Students viewed them and deeply appreciated the message of being fit and mentally.
    Thursday 21.11.19 Physical activities for students were conducted viz. yoga and gardening. Yoga classes comprise various yogic exercises for a duration of 40 minutes. Under gardening sapling plants were planted and gardens were weeded and watered by students.
    Friday 22.11.19 Kabbadi Tournament was organised housewise for students. Students took enthusiastic participation in the game. The venue of this game was the school playground. Kabbadi being a game that involves lot of stamina and physical movements, the message of FitIndiaWeek was clearly sent to the audience which comprised of school’s students.