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7th International Day of Yoga(2021) celebrated at AIWC ACADEMY OF EXCELLECE

The 7th International Day of yoga was celebrated at AIWC ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE with serene gaiety and enthusiastic involvement.As is well recognized Yoga helps in th development of stronger physical and mental well being; the celebrations at AIWC ACADEMY OF EXCELLENCE were a shining testimony to the institutions faith in the myraid benefits of Yoga.Following are the list of events that were organised to commemorate the Day.

a)Online Quiz Competition:

An online quiz Competition for senior section students was organised. The focus of the quiz was 'Yoga-An Ancient Science'. The Quiz saw enthusiastic participation from students.

b)Yoga training for students

An online workshop for Parents was another important event that was part of the celebrations.The workshop was conducted by the Yoga faculty member of the school Ms.Tulsi Kumari. The workshop focussed on important information related to Yoga. Different Yogasanas and their benefits were also discussed.

c)Yoga training for Parents

A Yoga Training Parents,Teachers and Students was also part of the commemoration of Yoga Day.Videos of various Yoga Poses ,practical guidance regarding Yoga practice,the various health benefits of Yoga were the issues on which information and training was provided to the Online participants.

d)Yoga training for Teachers

To sum up the celebrations in connections with International Day of Yoga were commensurate with the significance of Yoga as a supreme of mental,physical and spiritual development and upliftment.

e)Workshops for Yoga
  • Workshop Video