Dihing Road, Old Baridih, Jamshedpur - 831017 ,East Singhbhum ,Jharkhand .
Documents and information
Serial No. Documents/Information Upload Documents
1. Copies of Affiliation/Upgradation Letter
  • Affiliation Letter
  • 2. Copies of Society/Trust/Company Registration/Renewal Certificate
  • Trust Certificate
  • 3. Copy of No Objection Certificate By the State Govt.
  • NOC Certificate
  • 4. Copies of Recognition Certificate Under RTE Act 2009/Deo Certificate
  • Recognition Certificate
  • 5. Copy of valid Building Safety Certificate as per the National Building Code
  • Building Certificate
  • 6. Copy of Valid Fire Safety Certificate Issued by the Competent Authority
  • Fire Certificate
  • 7. Copies of The Deo Certificate Submitted by The School For Affiliation/Upgradation/Extention of Affiliation or Self Certification by School:
  • DEO Certificate
  • 8. Copies of Valid Water/Health and Sanitation Certificates
  • Water Health Certificate